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General Questions

If you decided on a platform, you should now choose an account type. You are advised to create a demo account for a hands-on experience before you make any spending. In this account type, virtual funds are used for transactions so that you can gain experience.
It is better to open your first trading account in a globally popular currency. Once you are experienced enough with trading, you can choose another base currency for your trading account.
Leverage is a distinctive feature that allows forex markets to stand out among financial markets and makes investors prefer forex markets for their investments. Leverage allows traders to gain large earnings with small amounts of guarantee. Our special leverage ratios at Phase Markets allowing investors to start large transactions with small amounts of guarantees: Major: 1/200, Minor: 1/100, Cryptocurrency: 1/5, 1 Gram of Gold: 1/50, 1 Ounce of Gold: 1/200, 1 Ounce of Silver: 1/200, Stocks: 1/20, Natural gas: 1/50, Silver: 1/200, Indices: 1/200, Oil: 1/100
On forex markets, we start transactions to earn money. "Lot" stands for the size of the transaction made on the forex market. You can increase your earning by raising the lot. Every transaction on a forex market is logged as a lot.
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